2013 Season

FRC Ultimate Ascent


Team 4592 was established in 2013. For the game, each end of the field had a 1 three point, high goal in the middle, 2 two point middle goals on the either side of the three point goal, and 1 one point goal low over to the side of one of the two point goals. On either side of the field, there is a pyramid for each alliance, during the end game the robot climbs the pyramid. 

Our first robot, Julia, featured a 4 wheel tank drive, a pneumatic system for climbing, and a dumping mechanism.

Despite it being our rookie year, our robot was fairly competitive at the South Florida Regional. We played through qualification matches, ranked 22nd, and got picked into an alliance with Team 179, Children of the Swamp and Team 86, Team Resistance. We successfully played into the semi-finals.