FRC Aerial Assist



2014’s game consisted of two large scoring goals above the driver station, smaller scoring goals at the sides of the alliance walls. If a ball is scored into the large goal the alliance is awarded 10 points and 1 point for the small goal. Alliances are also awarded 10-30 bonus points for assisting their partners in scoring the goal.

Our second-year robot was named Frankenbot which featured a 6 wheel tank drive, an electronically limited and controlled turret, and an innovative shooting system. For the first time ever, we attended the Orlando Regional where we played through a difficult qualifying schedule and ranked 39th. Using the Orlando Regional to fully train our drivers and upgrade our robot we were prepared for the South Florida Regional. After a difficult qualifying schedule, we seeded 6th and earned the chance to pick our alliance members for the first time in M3 history. Along with our alliance members teams 10