2015 Season

FRC Recycle Rush

The 2015 games objective was to build stacks of totes, place a recycling bin on top, and recycle liter. Each grey tote stacked on the platform is worth 2 points, recycling bins placed on top are worth 4 points per level, litter in the recycling bin is worth 6 points, and litter in the landfill is worth 1 point. Each piece of litter thrown on the opposing side during the last seconds is worth 4 points.

This split personality robot, Stack-it-Steve, features an elevator to grab totes using one of three arms. At the South Florida Regional, we played through competitive qualification matches in which we ranked 20th. We got chosen into an alliance alongside 1065 and 3653 and played into quarterfinals. M3 got the amazing opportunity to travel to Louisiana, to attend the Bayou Regional where we placed 14th after qualifying matches.