2016 Season

FRC Stronghold

2016’s challenge was to cross defenses (5 points each, 1 ranking point for all), score boulders into the high goal of the tower (5 points) or low goal (2 points) to weaken the castle (5 points for each robot on the batter), and scale the castle (15 points). If the alliance captures the castle at the end of the match they will be awarded 1 ranking point. 

Atom, the robot, was equipped with an intake, shooter, and 6 wheel drive train. After qualifying matches at the Orlando Regional, we ranked in 17th place. During alliance picks, we were chosen to be part of the first seeded alliance, along with The Pink Team and S.P.A.M. We won the 2016 Orlando Regional! At the South Florida Regional, we seeded 3rd, as the alliance captain we chose teams 3556 and 1744 and made the quarterfinals. Winning the Orlando Regional automatically got us into the World Championships. We ranked 60th despite it being our first time at the World Championships.