2017 Season

FRC Steamworks

2017’s game consisted of an airship in which the robot places a gear on a peg to spin the rotors (40 points each), fuel to be thrown into the boilers top (3kpa = 1 point) or bottom goal (9kpa = 1 point), and a rope to climb up the airship (50 points each). 

Julia 3.0 features a 6 wheel drive train with dual speed gearboxes with speeds of 16 ft/s and 5ft/s. At the South Florida Regional, we ranked 23, made it to the quarterfinals with 179 and 233 and won the 2017 Judge’s Award. Using South Florida as a stepping stone, we ranked 18th at the Orlando Regional,we played into the semifinals with 744 and 5842 and won the 2017 Imagery Award. We also traveled to Louisiana for the Bayou Regional, where we got picked into an alliance with 1730 and 2797, and we played into semifinals. Lastly, we attended the World Championships, where we seeded 6th. We captained our own alliance, chose teams 4590, 2403, and 5026, and played into the quarterfinals.