2018 Season

FRC Power Up

The main challenge in 2018’s game is ownership of the scale or the two switches. Ownership occurs when the scale or alliance’s switch is tipped in their favor (1 point per second of ownership). Alliances can exchange power cubes for power ups (5 points per cube). There are three power ups that can be played: Force, Boost, and Levitate. At the end the robots have to climb the scale to defeat the boss (30 points for each robot, 5 points for parking). 

This flying robot, Pegasus, features a set of carbon fiber wings, a continuous elevator, a claw, and a climbing winch. After qualifying matches at the Orlando Regional, we ranked 7th and played into the quarterfinals with teams 3242 and 5753.  At the South Florida Regional we were presented with many mechanical challenges. In between matches, we continuously worked hard to overcome these challenges which led us to be ranked 38th.