Become A Mentor!

Mentors play a very important part on the team. They are professional role models for the students whose job is to inspire, assist, and guide the students to success. We are always welcoming new mentors! If you’re interested please fill out the form and we will get back to you in the coming days. ​

Business Team:

  • creates documentation
  • helps ​manage finances
  • obtains sponsors
  • organizes outreach activities
  • handles social media accounts

Design Team:

  • produces 3D models of the robot and other projects
  • generates DXF files and drawings for fabrication

Build Team:

  • constructs the practice field
  • builds the robot
  • ​assembles various other projects, such as the Pit and Battery Cart

​Programming Team:

  • writes code for the robot to perform during the autonomous and teleoperated periods.