Team History

Team 4592, “The Mighty Mechanical Mustangs,” or M3, is McArthur’s High school robotics team was established in 2013. The team began with 10 students, 3 mentors, and 8 sponsors and has since amassed to 30 students, 13 mentors, 15 consistent sponsors, and 4 robotics classes.  M3 participates in the annual “For Inspiration and Recognition for Science and Technology” (FIRST) Robotics Competition (FRC). Our Mechanical Mustangs strive to achieve their future goals while not only acquiring technical skill sets, but also learning the fundamentals of other corporate tasks, such as project management, leadership, team building, marketing, etc. More important than any competitive success or awards, Team 4592 inspires and motivates our students to avidly pursue their academic, career, and personal goals both during their time on the team and in their futures. 


  • 2022– South Florida Regional: Winner
  • 2021– Dean’s List Finalist
  • 2020– Established Booster Club
  • 2019– South Florida Regional: Semifinalist 
  • 2018– Orlando Regional: Captained 7th seeded Quarterfinalist alliance
  • 2017– South Florida Regional: Quarterfinalist and Judge’s Award winner
    • Orlando Regional: Semifinalist and Imagery Award winner
    • Bayou Regional Semifinalist
    • Houston World Championship Captained 6th seeded Quarterfinalist alliance 
  • 2016– Orlando Regional: Winner
    • South Florida: Captained 3rd seeded Quarterfinalist Alliance
    • Houston World Championships 
  • 2015– South Florida Regional: Quarterfinalist, Bayou Regional: 14th 
  • 2014– South Florida Regional: Captained 6th seeded Semifinalist Alliance
  • 2013– South Florida Regional: Semifinalist